Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Fact is stranger than fiction"

Fiction can be pretty strange, for instance this one book I read which was just a list of words in alphabetical order. Can fact really be stranger? Science and Googles have the answer.

Strange fact, shown by the blue line, makes two appearances during the 1600s. The first of these, from 1630-1650, is shaped just like some kind of weird skyscraper type thing! That's how strange fact can be!

Strange fiction on the other hand, shown by the red line, doesn't even get off the ground until around 1800, and even then it just sort of wiggles around a bit before falling down again. Perhaps that's a bit strange, but it's clearly not as strange as fact.

In conclusion then: fact definitely is stranger than fiction. That one book I read was probably misleading, and I seriously doubt now that it was even true.

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