Monday, December 27, 2010

"Ignorance is bliss"

Is ignorance really bliss? Are stupid people really happier? Before Science and Googles there was no way to know for sure, but now at last we are able to produce this chart.

The period from 1760-1790 saw ignorance enjoying the height of its popularity. The minor fluctuations seen during that time are due to the fact that people sometimes thought of clever stuff, but they were too stupid to remember it.

As you can see, bliss levels during this period were zero. This is because no-one had even invented bliss yet, that's how dumb they were.

Suddenly in 1791 bliss levels began to rise. Probably it wasn't technically bliss at this stage, more of a pleasant warm feeling, but it was a start. Sadly the name of the inventor of bliss is lost to the frowny face of history :(

By the early 1820s bliss levels had reached an all-time high, after which they slowly declined before settling down to their present-day level.

By contrast, ignorance at this time briefly peaked due to everyone sitting around grinning like idiots, then went into a steep decline, due to the advent of Science, and Googles.

In conclusion then: is ignorance really bliss? Sadly not.

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