Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Boys will be boys"

Of course boys are boys, but will they continue to be? The future is impossible to know but with the addition of Science and Googles a chart can be made which accurately predicts it.

Boys, shown by the blue line, have been around since the dawn of history. Their numbers fluctuated initially but after 1700 began to rise steadily, reaching a peak in the mid 1900s. This steady increase is consistent with boys continuing to be boys and therefore increasing in quantity.

However, when we look at the number of future boys, shown by the red line, we can see that there are none at all.

This initially surprising result starts to make perfect sense when you consider that what most boys will become is men. The boy-peak seen in the mid 1900s was probably just formed by a lot of boys standing on each other's shoulders or something.

In conclusion then: boys will be men, not boys, duh.


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Dick Valentine (Electric Six) claims that future boys will be future boys.